Our Range

Here is our product range:

Vegetables Fruits Ready to use Vegetable Herbs Micro Herbs Salad Mixes
Artichoke Achacha Potato Cakes Basil Beanshoots Salad Greens Varieties
Asian Bunch Lines Apple Varieties Carrots Shredded Bay Leaves Edible Flowers Mixed Leaves Varieties
Asian Vegetables Apricots Carrots Sliced Chives Edible Leaves Flowers
Asparagus Avocados Coleslaw Mix Coriander Fresh Wasabi Fresh Cut Flowers
Baby Squash Bananas Lettuce Shredded Curry Leaves Living Herb Trays Folage and Fillers
Bean Varieties Bitter Melon Onions Diced Dill Micro Pot Varieties Premade Bouquets
Beetroot Blueberries Onions Peeled Garlic Chives Mixed Micro Herbs And the list goes on!!!!
Broccoli Boysenberries Onions Sliced Horseradish Sprout Varieties
Broccolini Cherries Peeled Garlic Kaffir Lime Leaves Witlof Varieties
Brussel Sprouts Coconut Peeled Shallots Kale Varieties And the list goes on!!!!
Cabbages Custard Apples Potato Diced Lemon Grass
Capsicums Dragon Fruit Potato Peeled Lovage
Carrots Feijoa Pumpkin Peeled Mint
Cauliflower Figs Soup Mix Oregegano
Celeriac Finger Limes Any vegetable sliced, peeled or diced Parsley Continental
Celery Fresh Nuts Just ask us for a price!! Parsley Curly
Chillies Gooseberries Radish Red
Corn Sweet Grape Fruit Rainbow Chard
Cucumbers Grapes Rhubarb
Daikon Kiwifruit Rosemary
Dutch Carrot Varieties Kumquats Sage
Egg plant Lemon Shiso
Fennel Lime Silverbeet
Garlic Aust Lime Kaffir Spinach English
Ginger Lychee Spring Onion
Heirloom Beetroot Varieties Mandarin Varieties Taragon
Leek Mango Varieties Thai Basil
Lettuce Varieties Medjool Dates Thyme
Mushroom Shitake Melons Varieties Watercress
Mushroom Varieties Nashi And the list goes on!!!!
Okra Nectarines
Onions Oranges
Parsnip Papaya
Pea Varieties Passionfruit
Potato Varieties Paw Paw
Pumpkin Varieties Peaches
Swede Pears
Turnip Persimmons
Zucchini And the list goes on!!!!
Zuchinni Flowers
And the list goes on!!!!
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